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Top 10 Locations To Visit With Low COVID-19 Entry Restrictions

DISCLAIMER: Fly Blog does not recommend travelling at the moment. Please use your own judgment.

In that list we will showcase 10 locations with fairly low COVID-19 entry restrictions that are worth visiting.

  • United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a great place to consider when looking for a place to visit with soft entry restrictions. The only requirement is that passengers arriving at one of the Emirati airports present a negative PCR test conducted within four days of departure. UAE is an interesting place to stay at when looking for high-end dining and shopping, marine wildlife exploration or just relaxing on the beach. Trips to Dubai or Abu Dhabi might be pricey but now it’s a great time to take advantage of the lowered rates affected by the pandemic tourism crisis and explore that part of the world freely.

  • Egypt

Egypt did in fact enforce a quarantine for some countries in the end of December 2020, however it is still an open country for travellers from many countries. Egypt’s COVID-19 positive cases are fairly low as there have been only around 135,000 recognized cases from around 81 million people, although it is worth considering that Egypt’s healthcare system isn’t as great as it could be and the country is facing a rapid spike of confirmed cases in the recent days. With that information You can decide whether Egypt is worth visiting at the time. We recommend seeing Egypt as it’s an amazing place to explore the cultural heritage and archeological findings. If You aren’t interested in those activities then Egypt still has a lot to offer for those that prefer to stay in a resort to sun bath and snorkel. There are many well equipped all inclusive resorts by the Red Sea which is considered to be one of the most beautiful places to discover plenty of colourful fish species. Egypt also offers fairly affordable accomodation which makes it a great place to see.

  • Greece

Greece is a wonderful location in southern Europe. Another good thing about it is its light COVID-19 entry requirements. Travellers are required to show a negative PCR test conducted within 72 hours of scheduled departure. It’s an awesome place to visit as it offers interesting city tours in places like Athens or Thessaloniki but also amazing experiences and views on the country’s many islands such as Santorini, Corfu or Mykonos. All those places offer stunning idyllic views and Greece is filled with ancient heritage which makes it an amazing place to see for every historian out there.

  • Turkey

Turkey is another great place located next to the mediterenean sea. There is no mandatory quarantine, however before arriving tourists need to present a confirmation of a negative test being conducted within 3 days of arrival. Turkish citizens going to Turkey from different countries must obtain the HES code which will help them with smooth travel. Also please note that Turkey has enforced curfews and other rules related to age so please check up on those before going there. Non essential travel is generally not recommended, however Turkey is a beautiful country worth visiting. Rich history and cultural/religious heritage are great reasons to see Turkey, however besides that Turkey also offers great gastronomic experiences and awesome beaches that might be a bit too cold to sunbathe at the time, however are great for long walks along the coast.

  • Switzerland

Switzerland has lifted all COVID-19 related travel restrictions from other Schengen countries. It’s a great opportunity for all the Europeans to see Switzerland. It is a truly stunning place with impressive tall mountains and beautiful white snow covered slopes for all the skiing fans reading this, however if skiing is not your thing then don’t worry Switzerland is still an amazing place well known for the beautiful landscapes. It is one of the best places in the world for winter trips so now it’s a great occasion to see the Swiss Alps. Please remember to obey all the current restrictions to keep everyone safe and enjoy the trip with no legal issues.

  • Maldives

Maldives are beautiful island archipelagos in the Indian Ocean. It’s a great place for relaxing and marine exploration. It also has quite loose COVID-19 entry restrictions for most countries which makes it even better to go now. Maldives doesn’t require quarantine but what is needed is a health declaration form and a PCR test. As of now many flights to Maldives are cancelled due to the low demand but if You are able to catch one then I strongly recommend going for it as it can be one of the most amazing experiences in your lifetime.

  • Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful country with stunning beaches and amazing culture, however right now it isn’t the safest place to travel. The COVID-19 cases are pretty high with a stable level of around 12,000 cases per day. Please use good judgment whether travelling to Mexico is a good idea, however if You decide so then Mexico is a great place to see. Beautiful sandy beaches of Cancun or the great cultural heritage of Mexico City are waiting to be explored.

  • Bahamas

The Bahamas is a beautiful Caribbean country with breathtaking reefs and white sand beaches. It has fairly relaxed Covid-19 entry rules as no quarantine is needed. According to CDC the requirements for travel to the Bahamas is taking a COVID-19 test up to 72 hours before leaving. If that’s not a problem then You can feel free to enjoy the great snorkeling experience and discover colorful marine life while enjoying the comfort of the many luxury resorts.

  • Tanzania

Tanzania is a jaw dropping beauty in the eastern Africa. It has a very loose COVID-19 related entry policy as travellers are just required to fill in a health surveillance form and present a negative PCR test confirmation conducted less than 3 days before departure. The most popular and possibly the most beautiful locations in Tanzania and maybe even Africa as a whole is Zanzibar. It is a gorgeous resort island full of beautiful beaches and crystal clear turquoise ocean water. Besides that there are also amazing and exciting Safari’s that are definitely a must see when in that region.

  • Seychelles

Seychelles are a stunning pearl of the Indian Ocean to top off the list. Seychelles might require quarantine from some places like the United Kingdom for example but stays open for most of the world that are deemed a medium or low COVID-19 spread risk. The authorities only require a negative PCR test confirmation which makes it a great place to visit now. Similarly to other locations on our list it is a great winter getaway for all the Europeans and Americans suffering from cold weather in their home country. It is a tropical island country in Africa that has beautiful beaches and a great calm ocean surrounding it. Seychelles also have beautiful plants, rocks and turtles which makes it seem as a paradise on earth.

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